Getting creative and having fun with one teen mom! A homemade pulley system gets the job done!

Like every month, teen parents received a supply of diapers thanks to our partnership with Twice as Nice Mother & Child. And in April, thanks to your generosity, our teen parents also received an Aldi gift card to help get them through this difficult time due to Covid-19.

Indeed, this has been a trying time for everyone, especially our vulnerable teen parents and their little ones. One of our teen parents had a mild case of Covid-19. Thankfully, they are feeling better. But because the entire family must quarantine, there is presently no income in their household. The April diapers, wipes, and groceries were needed and appreciated by that family and all our teen parents.

One teen parent texted this heartfelt message to her Program Director. “I thank you for everything you do and you and the program have been a blessing. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re amazing at it.”

Friend, if you’ve ever wondered how far your gift goes, know that it goes far and you help change lives.