Gurnee Area

Summer 2017

Welcome to the Gurnee Area Office at Kindred Life Ministries!
Our Gurnee office loves to talk, laugh, craft and have fun together as teen moms work hard at their goals and grow alongside each other with the support of their mentors and program director. Many of our teen moms are working on furthering their education with an associate’s degree or certificate program while they explore and begin their chosen career. Join other teen moms and their children, each Thursday from 6:00pm-8:00pm, as we grow together.

Belonging to Kindred Life Gurnee means you’ll have access to free services which can include counseling, financial support, and life education! If you are interested in being a part of our group as a teen mom contact Program Director Erin  via call or text @ 224-280-8285.

Gurnee Area News

Volunteer Spotlight —Maria Volling

Maria has been serving Kindred Life faithfully as a childcare volunteer for several years. She has dedicated her Thursday evenings faithfully and has created a loving environment for Kindred Life children to feel safe and grow.  She is well-loved by each child, mother and team member for her tender heart and loyal service. We congratulate her on a job well done and appreciate her service to our wonderful group of children. Thank you, Maria!


What’s Happening:

The new program director, Erin Ward, is working hard to build positive relationships with the Gurnee office teens, mentors and volunteers! The summer is a great opportunity for Gurnee’s teen parents to continue working on their goals with the help of their mentors, counselor and program director.  As we plan for the upcoming 2017-2018 program year, we continue to look for qualified life education speakers from the community.  Please contact Erin at [email protected] if you are interested in helping our teens and their children thrive!  

Office Wishes:

  • $10 Gift Cards (Walmart, gas, etc.) for our incentive program
  • Two teen mom mentors
  • Meal providers and a meal coordinator

Prayer Requests:

  • For an additional 3 teen moms to be drawn and to join the program
  • For the teen moms to finish the school year and the Life Ed program strong
  • For relationships between the mentors and the teen moms to continue to strengthen
  • Praise for the new program director and smooth transition to work here

Upcoming Events for our Gurnee Office

  • Volunteer Informational Meeting – Monday, May 15th; 6:[email protected] Chapel Mundelein
  • Golf OutingFriday, June 9th – White Deer Run Golf Course in Vernon Hills



My name is Erin Ward and I am excited to serve Kindred Life as the Gurnee Program Director! As a mom of three boys, I understand first-hand the many joys and challenges parents face and just how crucial having a strong support system is. Kindred Life is a safe place where teen parents and their families can develop the necessary life skills and community while learning the never ending love and grace of God. If you are interested in joining our wonderful volunteer team, please contact me at (224) 280-8285 or [email protected]. We are currently seeking mentors, child care volunteers, meal providers, and community speakers for the 2017-2018  Program Year (Fall-Spring).