the-bullers-1-of-1When Katherine first learned she was pregnant, she was full of fear. That fear continued into her daughter’s birth and the start of her parenting journey.

Having a child as a teenager introduced strain into her family relationships. Her siblings resented her for stressing her parents and her parents did not know her needs as a teen mother and struggled to address them. Katherine herself worried that her family was prepared to give up on her. Additionally, she felt uncomfortable everywhere she went, especially in her church.

After struggling to meet her financial, social and emotional needs as a teen parent, Katherine joined Kindred Life. Once there, she was struck with the unconditional love and support she received, especially from her mentor. Katherine learned from her mentor’s example about successful, patient parenting and felt supported on her difficult journey as a teen mother. This positive relationship was redemptive for Katherine, reminding her that God still loved her and forgave her for her past choices.

Katherine built off the foundation of positive relationships, support and community to achieve some of her personal goals, such as attending college and securing part-time employment. She also repaired the strained ties with her family.

Today, Katherine is a special education teacher. She hopes she can pass along the empowerment she received through Kindred Life to her students. She is happily married and her husband has adopted her daughter. Her daughter is a voracious reader, expressive singer and dramatic dancer. Katherine continues to face everyday challenges with confidence, having built a strong foundation of love, grace, forgiveness and power.