Be the lifeline they need.

Make a life-changing difference
for teen parents in our community.

Teen parents in Lake and Cook County need you.

COVID-19 has turned life upside-down for vulnerable teen parents.


Teen parents are scared. Some are out of work. Many have reduced work hours (and income). All are struggling to get by day-to-day.

Kindred Life Ministries is supported by men and women who live by their conviction that life is precious. They put their faith into action, and help teen parents right here in our community.

We love you for that.

COVID-19 has created an urgent problem for Kindred Life Ministries. To close our fiscal year on budget and provide continuous services to our precious teen families, we need to raise $25,000 by April 30.

A small group of generous donors have pledged $10,000! 
But it must be matched!
Then, surpassed to meet our goal.

Please help us.

Here’s how you can be a lifeline for our teen parents.

Your gift can provide the following:


Kindred Kash learn to earn incentive program


Child care expenses for one week


Emergency car repair or utilities


Counseling for one month per family


Life Education Programming for one year at one of our three offices


Tuition/Books for a teen parent to attend college or technical school

This campaign is only through April.


Your gift provides counseling, childcare assistance, practical help, and more.


Participate in our prayer wall and lift the concerns of our young families.


More teen parents will have the support they need thanks to your gift.








Since 2014, Kindred Life has guided teen parents

… from surviving to thriving.


We provide services that create life-change.

With the help of generous donors and ministry partners,
we help teens graduate from school, begin careers, and build strong families.
All in a Christian setting where they are introduced to Jesus Christ.