KLM sippy cup banner final (2)The Kindred Life Ministries Change4Change Program is a Sippy Cup Coin Collection Program that allows individuals, groups and families to pray for and support a Kindred Life teen mother and her child. Sippy Cups are collected, donated and redistributed for coin collection which allows our teen mothers access to and the ability to pay for childcare, counseling and other family expenses.  Groups can host Sippy Cup “drives” through your church, school or business as well as have an opportunity to pray and support a teen family.

The Change4CHANGE Program allows groups a proactive opportunity to:Gurnee Sip Cup

  1. Learn about a Kindred Life teen mother and her child.
  2. Pray for a specific teen mother and her child.
  3. Collect coins to assist teen mothers and their children toward independence.

Choose the Best Ways to Get Your Group Involved:

1. Host a Drive:

  • Have your group collect new, 9oz. or larger Sippy Cups.
  • Your group provides the box, Kindred Life will provide the sign.
  • Promote and advertise your drive several weeks in advance.
  • Provide information about drive dates and place box in key location.
  • Kindred Life is available to help with program coordination or coordinate on your own!

2. Collect Coins:

  • Kindred Life provides the Sippy Cups and Insert Information including a Sign Out Sheet:
    • pictures of a teen mother and her child
    • blank note cards
    • instruction sheet/handouts
  • Group members sponsor or “sign out” sippy cups for a 2-3 week period.
  • Collect and return coins and note cards to Kindred Life.

3. Host and Collect:

Coordinate both the Sippy Cup drive and coin collection drive!

Get Creative with Change4CHANGE Program:

  • Plan Service Project to culminate before Christmas, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, or Mother’s Day.
  • Involve Group individuals to help with coordination efforts.
  • For larger student groups, utilize one Sippy Cup per small group and “compete” against other small groups as to who can collect more funds.
  • Use the Sippy Cup Program with Church Ministry Fairs, Business or Community Service Projects and School Groups.

For more information about the Change4CHANGE Program, please contact Cheryl at [email protected] or by phone at 847-599-8135.