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To support the Ministry of Kindred Life and its teen mothers, children and families by raising awareness, volunteering time, and fundraising. Kindred Life Alumni strive to use our talents, influence and experience to empower fellow members through building relationships, mutual support and encouraging spiritual growth.

Alumni Activities

(Groups and Socials are held in both Lake and Northern Cook Counties)

  • Socials for the Alumni Group
  • Educational Workshops
  • Volunteering/Serving the Kindred Life Ministry and teen mothers and children
  • Fundraising Events
  • Information Raising/Speaking engagements

Alumni Group Membership

  • Membership into the Kindred Life Alumni Group is open to all teen mothers who have “graduated” out of the Kindred Life Ministries Program or have participated in the Kindred Life program.
  • Alumni Group Socials are scheduled regularly by the Kindred Life Alumni President and other Kindred Life staff and volunteers. Frequency and location is determined by the group allowing teen mothers from all three locations to participate.
  • Communication for all Kindred Life Alumni is available via monthly socials, email, Kindred Life mailing lists, and Facebook.
  • All Kindred Life Alumni who participate are invited to various social events throughout the year as well as to serve Kindred Life Ministries by volunteering time in the Kindred Life program, sharing testimonies, or at fundraising events.

Alumni Group Contact:

Eliza LaBelle
Executive Director

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