Being a teen parent is a lifelong journey.

Enjoy community with other Kindred Life alumni for years to come.

Enjoy community.


Be empowered.

Graduation is not goodbye.

After you graduate from the Kindred Life program, you are alumni!

Being a teen parent is a forever thing. Fellow alumni understand this.

Even though you’re growing older and your child is, too, you’ll always be the youngest one in other parenting circles. You’ll always have a different kind of relationship with your child.

After you graduate from Kindred Life, you can continue to enjoy community and feel supported by other teen parents.

Alumni Group activities include:


We get together several times a year just for fun. Painting night or cooking party, anyone?!

Serving the younger generation of teen parents. 

Volunteer at a Kindred Life event, share your story, or help at a Life Education Group.


Some of our get-togethers are educational opportunities. Learn and grow with us!

Fun Alumni Group get-togethers.