A kindred life is a community where every precious life thrives.

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Here’s the story of how we do this.


In 2014, a heartfelt conviction drew a small group of men and women together. The desire was to serve teen parents and strengthen families.

Babies. Teen mothers. Teen fathers. Grandparents. Every life is precious.

Kindred Life Ministries was formed to reach teen mothers and fathers with the support and services they desperately need to survive, then thrive. Our work is the next step of care in the pro-life movement.

By partnering with local churches and volunteers, as well as our qualified paid staff, we offer support and services in a Christian setting to help teen families thrive.

Scripture calls us to honor life and the Maker of it. Join us as we carry out this command. Because your life is precious, too.

Kindred Life Ministries’ vision, mission, and values.

We are a Christian human services ministry. We extend the Gospel and support teen families with the life-changing help they need. We engage the church, the community, and the teens’ families to help them thrive.

Our Vision

A community where every teen parent and their family thrives.

Our Mission

To cultivate growth, build relationships, and meet the needs of teen parents and their families.

Our Values

Sanctity of life
Biblical faith
Personal growth


These principles are woven into our interactions with churches and community partners, board and staff, volunteers, and teen families.
Our life education program is built upon these principles. As such, teen clients grow in every area of their lives. 
We love abundant life here!

1. Honor Life.

We honor all life and the One who created life.

2. Follow the Word.

The infallible Word of God guides all we do.

3. Champion education.

We champion education in all areas of life: emotional, financial, physical, relational, and spiritual.


4. Encourage health & safety.

We provide and protect a safe environment to develop healthy families.

5. Advocate maturity.

We advocate mature growth in all areas of life.

6. Steward resources.

We are faithful stewards of our resources, which honors our donors, partners, and God.

7. Seek collaboration.

We seek collaboration with community partners to support teen families.

Notes: Kindred Life Ministries’ key documents are available to the public. You may read our statement of faith, annual report, as well as the most recent annual 990 report.

Are you stirred to action?

As a local Christian ministry, it takes volunteers, donors, community advocates, and skilled and passionate staff to deliver the life-changing help teen families need. It takes you to stand up and make a difference.

Kindred Life Ministries… because every life is precious.