Hi friends! 🎄⭐️❄️ Welcome to the 12 Days of Kindred Christmas! 🎄⭐️❄️ For most of our teen parents, the birth of a baby brings a multitude of emotions and life seemingly comes to a raging halt, especially without a broad support system. It is during those times, that we, as God’s people, are called to action, giving HOPE and HELP to those who don’t know where to find it. And with YOUR help, we can continue to meet the needs of teen parents, their extended family AND introduce each member to their Savior. Giving your time, talents and treasure means that our teen parents can face each new day with a hopeful future! So join us each day as we show the many different ways you can partner with Kindred Life to support the needs of our teen parents.

To learn more, kindly read our Christmas Letter below.

2020 Kindred Life Christmas Letter