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  When Katherine first learned she was pregnant, she was full of fear. That fear continued into her daughter’s birth and the start of her parenting journey. Having a child as a teenager introduced strain into her family relationships. Her siblings resented her for stressing her parents and her parents did not know her needs […]

Sandra’s Story

01 Sep
Sandra Alumni

Sandra was young and unprepared to be successful in parenting when she gave birth to her son, Damian, at 16 years old. When she heard about Kindred Life through a school teen parenting program, she decided to join. Once she entered Kindred Life Wheeling, Sandra found stability, love, acceptance and care from the staff and […]

Brianna’s Story

01 Aug
Brianna from Antioch III

Brianna was 13 years old and eight months pregnant as she sat in the school social worker’s office, telling her parents of her pregnancy only a few weeks before she was due with her son, Jonathan. Now, she is a thriving 22-year-old mother of two, graduate of Kindred Life Ministries’ teen mother program, manager of […]

Jennifer’s Story

17 Oct

As children get ready to head back to school each fall, their minds grow with nervous excitement as the new year approaches! Part of the excitement definitely involves school supplies.  “Ok, I need pens, pencils, notebooks, diapers, bottles, formula…” “Wait?! Diapers and formula?” you ask. While these items may not be on your children’s school […]

Adilene’s Story

17 Oct

Adilene as a freshman was finding high school to be everything that she had dreamed—classes, friends, homecoming dances. She was having a ball, and thought that this is how the high school years unfold. For some maybe, but for Adilene, she would be ending her freshman year with a baby in her arms. She had […]

Klaudia’s Story

17 Oct

When hard times fall on a person, the question that quickly comes to mind is, “What good can come out of this situation?” This question overwhelms teenage girls, when they find out that they are pregnant and alone. Little did a woman, we will call Bethany, know that her story could help save the life […]


02 Aug

Have you ever had a surreal experience? An experience so shocking that time passed in slow motion, making you believe you were walking through a dream? That is exactly where fourteen-year-old Kendall found herself, after discovering that she was pregnant. She kept telling herself, “I can’t really be pregnant.” She lived in denial, keeping her […]


02 Aug

Life is a journey, full of twists and turns, highs and lows. Life throws in surprises at times, in addition to the life-changing fork in the road. At the culmination of life, most look back and see what a beautiful journey their life really was, and that every mountain and valley that was crossed made […]


06 Dec

Being a pregnant teen mom is scary, but I think being a single teen mom and raising a child alone is scarier. I was 17 years old, in the middle of my sophomore year in high school, getting ready to begin driver’s ed while working a part time – job when I found out I […]