… I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Matthew 17:20

Each week seeds of faith are planted as we dig deeper into the idea of being deeply rooted. From the tiny but mighty mustard seed we learn that with a small amount of faith, we can do great things. Our faith does not have to be fully mature for God to work through us. Imagine if Peter or Paul waited until their faith matured before taking a step! Through the mustard seed we learn that genuine faith is contagious! It spreads quickly and has the potential to be all consuming. The mustard plant germinates quickly producing hundreds of new plants, once they have started to grow it is nearly impossible to rid the area of them. So too, is growing faith. One can’t deny the goodness of God as the first seeds of faith begin to take root and signs of new life begin popping up! God is actively working in the lives of our clients to cultivate faith.

This month, we have been asking, “What mountain do you need the Lord to move?” He has responded to our faithful prayers in abundance, expanding our faith and moving mountains!

For one young mom, continuing education is not just a mountain, it is a whole mountain range. It is financially prohibitive. Childcare is a challenge. A learning disability makes college level coursework an uphill battle. Just when it seemed impossible, God began to cultivate the soil removing one rock at a time building faith and our imagination for what he might do.

With little time to spare, our client applied to College of Lake County and for financial aid. Just in time for classes to begin, she learned that she was eligible for financial aid and a grant that would completely pay for her Associate’s Degree. Mountain moved. She enrolled in classes and quickly came face to face with her learning disability once again. Mountain. In desperation, she cried out that school is too much for her. Her tears watered the soil of fertile ground. God quickly answered our prayers and provided a tutor willing to work with our client on coursework every week before Life Education. A second tutor is joining the team to work with her weekly on foundational skills in reading, writing and math. Four hours of free tutoring every week that is catered to the specific needs of this client. Mountain moved.

With a toddler running around the house, finding dedicated time to study is seemingly impossible. Mountain. Three Kindred Kids volunteers joined this mountain climbing team serving every week to care for her little one while she focuses on school. Through a scholarship starting in November, her son will attend preschool one day a week allowing for uninterrupted study time and development of skills needed to succeed in college and in life. Mountain moved.

One hour, one assignment, one step at a time God is moving mountains for this courageous young mom. He is drawing her in, planting seeds of faith in his relentless pursuit of her. It is contagious. Our faith has grown as we have marveled at the lengths God will go to communicate his love for us.