1. If you had unlimited funds what would want for Kindred Life Ministries?

Our teen parents would receive free rent, daycare and vehicles if they were enrolled in school and working. We would open three Chicago locations and 5-10 more suburban locations. Finally, a common workplace (office) for our employees resulting in more collaboration.

  1. How would people describe your sense of humor?

Funny with a side of sarcasm

  1. What is your favorite way to spend a warm afternoon ?

If it’s hot then you’ll find me poolside with the kids at one of our 3 community pools. If it’s warm, I’m wandering around The Chicago Botanical Gardens or on a family bike ride. Can’t waste even one minute of Chicagoland spring or summer. Am I right?

  1. Describe what you do at KL in 10 words or less?

Social Media, fundraising, grants, graphics, storytelling, program support, writing collaboration 

5. If you could be transported back in time, which decade would you choose?

1920’s, Europe –  Besides bedpans, what’s not to love?