Our focus on the Fruit of The Spirit this year has been one of growth. No more do we see evidence of such exponential change, growth and development than in our program graduates. Through thick and thin our teen parents have trudged through so much since first enrolling in our program, often feeling desperate and alone that first day. This is where we shine. Loving them is our privilege at Kindred Life. Teaching, guiding, protecting and serving them is our honor and duty.

This spring we celebrate full circle. Through tears, celebrations, ups and downs and victories. Brenda, Nancy and Evelin from Wheeling; Jessica from Antioch and Michelle and Emma from Gurnee have taken classes, received counseling, built relationships, executed budgets and have held strong to their goals to be the best parents they can be to their children. While they may leave nervously, our relationship doesn’t stop at graduation.

Our alumni group is ready for them to jump in! We have special events, outreach and socials throughout the year. We also offer our alumni counseling when requested. Often a long time one on one mentor will chose to stay with his or her graduate and continue to walk alongside them after graduation. They too are very proud of all our Kindred Life Ministries Grads.

Congratulations! We love you so much.