When Jocelyn had her son Josiah she was overwhelmed with love and excitement. She told me about how she thought what a miracle each and every life is! Like other young ,single moms though, she felt unprepared to parent her child. Her son’s father Jose was very supportive and involved but he too was not equipped to handle parenting their son. Josiah’s grandparents were involved in their lives but  were still raising their own children and caring for their family. Jocelyn was grateful when a friend shared about a Christian ministry that had Life Education groups and other helpful services for young single moms. After visiting last spring, she knew joining Kindred Life was the best thing to do for herself and her son. After coming and meeting the other young moms, Jocelyn invited Jose to come to the dad-only Life Education groups. Jose has been one of the five dads that have been part of the emerging young dads program at Kindred Life which include monthly dad-only Life Education groups, mentoring and counseling services like their female counterparts have long enjoyed.  This fall, Jose and Jocelyn were able to have their first joint financial counseling session.  Jocelyn said that they are eager to learn more about managing their money with the tools their financial counselor gave them and that they are “excited to meet with her again.”  Jocelyn, Jose and Josiah are pictured here with Jocelyn’s mentor Jen