What does reconnecting look like to you? Sometimes family isn’t around. Sometimes, God is taking us through long, winding roads. Whatever your circumstances, we hope you can take some time to reflect and reconnect. There are often times when we feel all alone as if everyone else has a perfect beachside view of summer and we’re looking up from the depths of a deep, dark cave. But if we sit still, breathe deep and trust in a greater God, there is reaping to be done.

Whether you have tiny, soft fingers grabbing for everything in their reach or tumultuous teenagers stomping out their individuality, summer may provide just enough downtime to spend on the floor or in the car reconnecting. Whether you’re in a new marriage or newly widowed, long summer nights can be a good time to reconnect to your heavenly Father – who has promised to meet you in paradise and is the only one who will never let you down.

At Kindred Life, we take summer a little slower too. We focus on reconnecting teen parents and their children through various engaging, social activities. You might see us splashing at the local pool, playing at the park or having a picnic in a forest preserve. This allows our program groups to really focus on quality playtime while enriching those supporting relationships. We also offer individual and group counseling in the summer months to keep paving that hard path to social/emotional responsibility.

Of course, we’ll give you plenty of time to reconnect to US too! Don’t forget to checkout our Team THRIVE events which run strong in the warmer months. We would love to see you connect with a friend or walk alongside us in one of several races we’re involved in this year.