Gone are the days when just a few churches could single handedly fund a ministry. Lost are the days when a parachurch organization could get two sentences in a church bulletin, much less an online message board. We are living in a time when hustling means branching out to all corners of the earth to be seen, heard and known. Curt Thompson, Christian psychiatrist, founder of Beingknown.com and author of, Anatomy of The Soul, says we are all longing to know and be known. This fundamental, basic human need drives many decisions we make. It serves to reason then,  when it comes to making sure people have heard of the best kept secret in teen mother support – we need you! You have worked hard to support us. Your money, your time and your heart have been used to thrust teen moms into successful parenthood. Into financial freedom, and at times, by the power of the Holy Spirit, into the saving faith of Christ Jesus.

We are completely supported on your broad, strong shoulders of love, sacrifice and compassion. The most intriguing part of who we are as an organization comes from who you are as our voice, support and feet on the ground. When we have ministry appreciation, it isn’t about the money, it’s about the tiny hands and feet. The proud mamma knowing she’s doing the best by her baby. The dad who finds his place. About a full chance at life. When we send a thank letter for your meal, it isn’t about the time. It’s about the nourishment. The sweet little faces full of spaghetti sauce. The first moment a 15 year old parent had the chance to sit down in 14 long hours.

We have 496 individual donors. That is 496 problem solvers; change makers; second chance givers. It takes 315 volunteers to pull off a single year of programing, meals, childcare, basket wrapping, golf planning, mentoring, and dream building. This program year ends in just a few weeks. Because of YOU we were able to serve, educate, feed, counsel and mentor over 100 teen parents, children and grandparents. All because of YOU. So from Kindred Life’s 12 staff members and over 100 program attenders….