When we think of our board, “Whatever it Takes,” is the perfect sum of how their commitment to seeing our vision become a reality truly plays out in real-time.

In this interview, Chairwoman, Kim Stevenson, helps us understand what roles a board serves in a ministry like ours and why their leadership has a profound impact on our work. Kim is married to Jeff, a mom to 3 sons, mother-in-law to 2 women and has 2 grandchildren. She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Trinity International University and works on the Pastoral Response Team at her church. Kim’s career led her to work with organizations serving single moms, unplanned pregnancies, and low-income parents.

Me: Kim, thank you so much for ALL your efforts to serve on our board and for making time today.  Let me just start with this: What compels YOU to serve on the Kindred Life Board of Directors?

Kim: As a parent of 3 boys I know how hard it is to parent WITH support, so my heart is drawn to this ministry because of its full circle support to young parents that have none. As a counselor, I really appreciate the emphasis on the appropriate counseling for a teen parent free of cost. Just the fact that we focus on the entire family unit is huge because many ministries support the single mom, but very few if any that focus on the WHOLE family. In my previous work with single, young mothers, I remember hearing often, “my boyfriend wants to come,” so the thing that intrigued me about Kindred Life was that we are really working to fill the need to reach the dads. 

Me: And what would you say are the primary ways our board of directors serves the ministry?

Kim: We worked hard last year with a team of professionals to re-define the mission and vision and come up with short-term and long-term strategic planning goals. We also assist in monitoring the finances and support Executive Director, Mona Boelens and staff however necessary. 

Because our board supports the mission to cultivate growth, build relationships, and meet the needs of teen parents and their families, each member also supports fundraising efforts throughout the year and contributes financially to this important work. 

Me: What is your primary role as Board Chair?

Kim: First to support our Executive Director and serve as a touchpoint for all board members. I also facilitate monthly board meetings and work with Mona to define the agenda. Of course, we are also called to pray fervently for the young parents and ministry.  

Me: How does the board use their gifts in unique ways?

Kim: Everyone brings his or her individual passion to the ministry. We all have unique educational, vocational, and life experiences that truly assist this organization. For instance, we are blessed to have two attorneys that help with specific legal issues, a former Human Resources Executive who brings her expertise, and I could go on about each member. 

Me: Thank you so much, would you like to introduce the entire board?

Kim: We currently have nine members on our Board Of Directors for Kindred Life Ministries: Mona Boelens, Randy Davis, Tony Guagliardo, Gail Leiber, Candice Lovett, Pete Moberg, Greg Steele, Julie Stroud, and myself.

In conclusion, this ministry is blessed beyond measure by talented, hard-working, mature Christian men and women who are united in the same goal to create a community where every teen parent and their family thrives. What does our board DO? They each pour out endless amounts of time, energy and resources to support our staff and clients. As they take part in several days of fall meetings and strategizing, please include donor and volunteer, ministry-related, prayer requests to our prayer page: https://kindredlifeministries.org/prayer-requests/. Kindred Life’s board takes prayer very seriously and it would be their pleasure to pray on behalf of you.

Amanda Grandlienard is the Development Director for Kindred Life ministries and conducted this interview for the October Newsletter.