Every year Kindred Life recognizes one special volunteer from each office as our “Honorary Volunteer”.  These volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty and exemplify being the hands and feet of Jesus. We’d like to share more about each of these special people:

Antioch: Brenda Latz

Brenda has been volunteering behind the scenes since 2013 organizing & recruiting our meals for us. That’s almost 150 meals that have been delivered to our young families because of her servant heart! It is such a blessing for them to enjoy a home cooked meal after a long day at work or school. It also sets the tone for our Life Education nights and who doesn’t love fellowship around a table with a shared meal? Brenda has handled the scheduling, reminding, special events, and schedule changes for all the Antioch area meals for these past several years. She has humbly served us and is greatly appreciated!


Gurnee: Natalie Sgarlata

Natalie is one of our childcare providers and helps care for our teen moms’ children on Life Education nights. Natalie is a pediatrician and has been an incredible resource for all of us. She goes above and beyond and always makes herself available to the girls to answer questions or provide support. She is well-loved by both the teen moms and children she so humbly serves. We are so thankful for all the ways Natalie gives to our ministry. Thank you, Natalie!


Wheeling: Stephanie Young

Stephanie has served as a lead volunteer in the past two Kindred Life Wheeling chili cook off events. She has given countless hours and resources to make sure that these fundraising events were a success. Stephanie attended committee meetings, made tons of chili, recruited and trained volunteers, and made raffle baskets.  Her intricate efforts have sustained this ministry here in Wheeling. Stephanie has served in a behind the scenes manner, yet in powerful and important ways. Her servant heart challenges and encourages us regularly. Thank you, Stephanie, for how you’ve served so well and faithfully; you truly are a testament that there is a place for everyone to use their skills to serve!