ACDelco and Moberg’s Automotive Day of Service

On May 11th and 12th AC Delco and Moberg’s Automotive honored our teen mothers by providing safety checks and oil changes.  AC Delco partnered with Moberg’s Automotive by providing $5000 worth of parts to fix any safety concern that arose from the inspections.

“As a young, single mom I have a lot to take care of between my child and working full time. I live in Lake County Illinois and there isn’t public transportation from my apartment to my work. Thanks to Moberg Automotive and ACDelco I don’t have to worry if my car will make it safely to the day care and my job. You are all so thoughtful, nice and helpful!”  JoAnn

Hike For Life with Informed Choices

On May 13th – Our Wheeling Kindred Life group stepped out to partner with Informed Choices Parenting and Pregnancy Center in beautiful Lake Zurich. Teen moms, children, staff and volunteers walked alongside the pregnancy center’s clients, staff  and volunteers to Hike for Life! Donations are still being taken for the Wheeling Office. Show your support to our young families with your donation today at

Annual Mother’s Day Dinners

One of the highlights of the month is our annual Mother’s Day Dinners that take place at each of the three service sites. Outside groups and families coordinate efforts to serve our teen moms with decorating, preparing and serving a special dinner for our teen moms and their mentors—kid free! In addition, each young mother is sent home with extra gifts to remind them of how much we honor their role.