An open letter to friends of Kindred Life Ministries from the Board of Directors

Mark 4 gives an account of Jesus and the disciples boating across the Sea of Galilee. The trip should have been an uneventful one, but a severe storm arose, and the boat began to sink. The disciples panicked while Jesus slept.  They woke Jesus and plead for him to rescue them. They even suggested that their very lives were not a concern to him. Jesus responded, “Peace. Be still.” And there was a great calm.

Each of us is now in the middle of a storm like none that we’ve ever experienced. Jesus tells us to be at peace and be still before him; to have faith and not be afraid. The storm will be calmed.

We at Kindred Life Ministries pray that all of us, and especially the Moms and Dads who we serve, look to Jesus during these difficult, unfamiliar times, exercise great faith. There we will find the peace and calm only He can provide.

Our mission at Kindred Life is to meet the needs of teen parents and their families. Employment and schooling changes, distancing requisites and shelter in place directives, in conjunction with many uncertainties about the Coronavirus itself, are added stressors for teen moms, dads, and their extended families. Their needs, both physical and emotional, continue but the ability to satisfy those needs is truly compromised.

The gap between what teen moms and dads need to thrive and what they are capable of providing is where the heart of Kindred Life exists. We are committed to filling that gap, despite the storms that surround us.

To that end, the leadership of Kindred Life Ministries has formed crisis response teams to ensure the continued provision of support to our teen moms, dads, and families. The Board, Program Directors, mentors, counselors and support staff have all pledged to undertake what is necessary to continue our ministry and service.

Be assured, the support offered to those we serve will not change. It is our hearts’ desire that those who we serve, will continue to be served. And we put our trust in Jesus, who will calm the storm.

We urge you to join with us, pray with us, and continue your support of our teen families. They need you now, more than ever before.  Please know that we pray for you, too.

Would you also consider an “above and beyond” gift to help us through these uncertain times? Your support is greatly valued as we support and guide these precious teen parents and families to look to Jesus for peace in this storm.

Randy Davis
Secretary, Kindred Life Ministries Board of Directors