It’s not uncommon these days to see young men at Kindred Life. In fact, our Antioch group has six young fathers actively involved in their children’s lives. This year alone, Antioch has hosted the dads at several teen parent workshops, where they had been included in the mom’s group to learn about car seat safety, CPR and the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Since the group has had such great participation from the young dads, we wanted to give them a ‘guys only’ night after the family mealtime. Last week, our teen dad mentor Steve met up with three of our young dads—Cory, Robyn and Roberto (not pictured) to watch and discuss a DVD on the topic of forgiveness while their child’s mother participated in their regularly schedule life ed group where the moms shared their journey that brought them to Kindred Life.

“I want to meet with people that are trying to encourage me to be a better man,” Robyn commented while another young dad shared “I like the concept we learned about growing in grace together.” Steve left encouraged, stating that there was a lot of good discussion.  Having the chance to hang out and interact with the young men in this setting was a great opportunity to build relationships.

Steve and a few other volunteers plan to continue to outreach and develop one-on-one mentoring relationships with these young fathers so that they continue growing and thriving. Would you remember to prayer for Cory, Robyn, Roberto and the four other young men who are stepping up and stepping in to learn  how to become great men and fathers?  All the guys look forward to their next group social event at the annual year-end barbeque when Steve and his men’s small group will be grilling up some good food and conversation for our families! To learn more about serving a young dad, please contact Kathy at