When Katie became a mom to two adorable, active twins just five years ago, she distinctly remembers feeling so overwhelmed and lonely that there would be no way to continue without her support network. A full-time teacher and loving wife, Katie knew without a doubt that she HAD to be available to help moms that didn’t have the same friends, church community and family that had come alongside her in these most trying yet rewarding times.

One day at her local church, Torch of Faith, Katie had been praying about how to reach and support other moms when Kindred Life presented at a women’s conference called Sword Girl. Immediately, Katie felt her prayer had been answered. Although nervous about adding onto her very full plate, she knew without a doubt to proceed in faith.

“We’re all just moms and we have a lot to offer each other. Don’t let time constraints discourage you – make the time if God calls you he will provide the time. Take the leap of faith.”

Two years later, Katie has now mentored three teen moms at our Gurnee program site. Her friends and family have stepped up to watch her children so she can sacrificially pour out the message to young moms: “You are more capable than you know! I’m here for you!”

Katie describes mentoring is pouring into herself too. Every time she gets to help a mom or hear a speaker she feels like SHE’S the one benefiting from being involved as a mentor!

Katie’s challenge to anyone on the fence is to get involved and watch the doors open.

We love and appreciate you Katie! Because of your faithful service, teen moms like Lily are able to grow, build relationships and have their tangible needs met.