Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peter Moberg. The picture above is my family (minus 1). They are a true blessing from God. I am known as Bumpa to my grandchildren and my wife is known as Mimi. As a family, we enjoy each and every opportunity to spend time together. Going to the playground, playing games, camping or just some good old conversation are a few activities we are often found doing. 


I am a member of the Kindred Life Ministry board. It is a privilege and blessing to serve a ministry that is devoted to honor The Sanctity of Human Life, not just in January, but every single day. The life of every mom, dad and child is highly valued by this ministry, and watching lives being transformed is truly a joy to be a part of. Kindred Life is committed to coming along side of families to educate, mentor, counsel and encourage them in order that they may find the abundant life that Christ desires each of us to enjoy.


You probably already gathered the life and effectiveness of this ministry, could not and would not, survive without the direction and empowerment of Christ and Christ alone. So, how is this accomplished? We believe that through prayer, reading God’s word and the support of a community of fellow Christians all things are possible. This year’s theme is Rooted Deeply (in God). Another way of saying this is to be grounded in God’s sustaining power through His Word, The Bible. The Bible is God’s revelation to mankind. It reveals His Plan for man, now and for all eternity.


As a previous business owner, it has been my privilege to pray for, serve and provide financial support for Kindred Life. The ministry is growing, lives are being transformed into beautiful vessels of God’s goodness.Young parents find the necessary resources, provisions and support to take the next step to independent living and healthy family life. As a supporter of Kindred Life, I feel I have received much more than I have given. God said it is better to give than receive, serve rather than be served and to lose oneself in order to find true life. I appeal to each of you to seek out how God would use you to pray for, serve and financially support this life changing ministry.

Serving Christ together,

Peter Moberg