group counselingAt Kindred Life Ministries, we recognize the importance of addressing our teen mom’s needs in multiple different areas of life.

During Life Ed groups, the Program Directors at each site help the teen moms focus on the more practical needs that they may face, such as financial counseling, parenting tips, educational planning, and life skills. Along with their mentors, the teen moms listen to speakers, participate in activities, and practice these important tasks.

In group counseling, the counselors at each site work with the girls on a deeper and personal level, focusing on topics such as healthy relationships, boundaries, self-care, and self- esteem. These groups are a safe and confidential place for the girls to talk with one another and the counselor, growing individually and connecting with each other on an emotional level.

While each of these groups focus on different aspects of the teen moms lives, both find value and strength in the community of Kindred Life. The girls are able to connect and find new friendships with other teen moms, all while well gaining wisdom, insight, and support from volunteers, their mentors, the Program Director, and the counselor. Above all, both Life Education and group counseling encourage the girls to cultivate a relationship with God.

Lydia Schlueter Professional Counselor

Lydia Schlueter
Professional Counselor