Gurnee Sip CupOur young moms were showered with encouragement and prayer from our January Sippy Cup Drives thanks to the many churches, small groups and individuals who participated.

“I just love reading these notes.” Remarked one teen mom in Wheeling; another mom shared how special she felt after reading them and yet another was amazed at all the kind words she read.

If you’ve participated in one of our sippy cup drives lately, thank you! Please know that your prayers, words of hope and spare change are priceless treasures and more valuable to our young moms than any single Valentine.

We were especially excited to add and feature cups picturing teen fathers who are involved with their child and child’s mother.  Here are just a sample of some of the encouragement given to our moms, dads and couples:

Thank you for taking the tough but love filled high road to keep your beautiful son.  Show him how to be a Godly man. 

God bless you all.  It is so wonderful to see both parents as part of your son’s life.  It is very important to be able to co-parent.  Your son will benefit greatly.Note Card

May you continue to experience the joys & blessings of raising Olivia! May you love her as Christ loves you and may you help her know Jesus early in life – He is the lover of her soul.

If your group or church would still like to participate and shower blessings upon our young families, there is still time! We covet your prayer and encouragement for our teen moms and teen dads as we approach Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. To learn more visit  If you would like to schedule a drive for your group or church contact Cheryl Anderson at Thank you!